Middle School PreSchool PreK

Middle School 

*Offers strong academic core classes with an enriching resource and elective schedule.

*The core curriculum includes literature, grammar, writing composition, science, social studies & history, and math (including Course One, Course Two, Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry).

*Laptops are provided to each middle school student.

*Each middle school student has a year-long membership to IXL online learning, a customizable program that allows students and teachers to select the specific skills that need to be reinforced and practiced.

*Students participate in the following electives: art, chorus, Spanish, PE, health, library and research skills, computers, geography, conflict management, personal finance, study skills, and cooking.  

*Small class sizes encourage active student participation, and allow teachers to know their students.

*In addition, students have the opportunity to choose electives each quarter in 7th and 8th grade to include courses such as physical conditioning, CSI, woodworking and landscaping, handbells, creative writing, sewing, and more.  

*Students have the opportunity to earn high school credits for Algebra, Geometry, and one year of foreign language credit in Spanish.

*Students have close access to lockers to store their books and supplies. They can access their lockers between classes.

Middle School Staff.jpg

Some of our Middle School Team!

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Our Middle School Spelling Bee Top 3!