From the Principal

From The Principal
Our school year is off to a wonderful beginning. It is hard to believe that we have almost completed
our first quarter. Parent – Teacher conferences will be held on November 6th and 7th . Teachers will be sending memos home with information about signing-up for a conference time. There will be no school on November 6th and 7th . However, there will be childcare at the Fox Hill Campus.

Our Middle School students have been busy with the S.C.A. election. Officers and room
representatives were installed during Chapel on October 19, 2017. Congratulations to our new
officers and representatives.
President – David Buhler
Vice – President – Lydia Hughes
Secretary – Samantha Faatz
Treasurer – Jacob Wunderler
Chaplain – Chase Goins
6th Grade Room Representatives – Katelyn Buhler and Elijah Sproston
7th Grade Room Representative – Olivia Gifford
8th Grade Room Representatives – Jacqueline Allmendinger and Umut Ceribasi

The sounds of Christmas songs and carols have been echoing through our halls. Students are
practicing for their Christmas programs. They are eager to share the Christmas message through their songs and plays. Please save the date for your child’s special day.
December 5, Tuesday 9:00 Toddler & Two-Year- Olds Classes Transition Class
10:30 Kindergarten Classes
December 6, Wednesday 9:00 Preschool Classes
10:30 Prekindergarten Classes
(Mrs. Finch & Mrs. Hansen)
December 7, Thursday 9:00 Prekindergarten Classes
(Mrs. Mitchell & Mrs. Scherrer)
10:30 First & Second Grades

December 13, Wednesday 9:00 Middle School
1:00 Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grades

Our Athletic Field at our Willow Oaks Campus is well underway to completion. During the summer and fall, the field has been cleared, graded, irrigation installed, sod laid, and as I write this article the fencing is being installed. Within a few weeks, our students will be able to use the field for recess, P.E., child care, and after-school activities. It is quite an impressive space which allows amble room for running, out-door games, soccer, flag football, and fun outdoor play. If you have not had a
chance to see the field, please drive through our Willow Oaks Campus to see it.

Remember that our school participates in the Farm Fresh 1234 Community Program.
When shopping at Farm Fresh, as you check out, scan our school card. Your shopping card from last
year is still accepted. If you do not have a card, please stop by the school offices, and you can pick-
up one. Our school receives points for each purchase which can be redeemed for school equipment.
Last year we were able to order several CD players, two 48” flat screen TV’s, a digital camera, and
sports equipment for the playground. We appreciate your participation with this program.

You should have received information about our Virginia Diner Fundraiser. Now through November
10, you can order Virginia Diner products and help our school at the same time. They make great
Christmas gifts, and our school receives 50% profit on each order. If you do not have a packet, you
may pick-up one at the Main Desk, Fox Hill Campus, or the School Office, Willow Oaks Campus.

We will be experiencing some changes with our teacher web pages. The company we currently use
will no longer support the web pages effective the end of the year. After researching, we have
selected an alternate host. Teachers are in the process of setting up their new pages. Effective
November 1, we will be making the transition. So for a couple of days, you may notice some down
time and not be able to access the teacher pages as we make the change. Please note that the new
program does not allow the teachers to send Newsflashes. Therefore, teachers who send Newsflashes
will be using a program called Remind or Facebook to send you reminder messages. If your child’s
teacher uses this feature, you will receive information concerning how to access the Remind or
Facebook method. At this time, we are also not able to post grades on the new site. Teachers who
post grades for review by parents will let you know how you will be notified of grades.

Your children are remarkable, and we are most appreciative of the partnership with you. If at any
time, you have questions or concerns, or if we can assist you in anyway, do not hesitate to call (757-
851-6292) or email me (

God Bless,
Linda K. Robinson