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From Head of School

Our Middle School students have been busy with the S.C.A. election. Officers and room representatives were installed during Chapel on October 18, 2018. Congratulations to our new officers and representatives.

President – Syrina Spears

Vice – President – Jacob Wunderler

Secretary – Zoe Hughes

Treasurer – Elijah Sproston

Chaplain – Cayden West

6th Grade Room Representatives – Jack Gifford

7th Grade Room Representative – Chase Goins and Travis Phipps

8th Grade Room Representatives – Zackary Roggenstein

Gloria Dei Lutheran School has been awarded the “2018 Green School Award” from the Hampton Clean City Commission. The award was presented for excellence in environmental education and for our students’ efforts in keeping our Willow Oaks Campus clean and litter free. This is the second year that Gloria Dei Lutheran School has been awarded this honor. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Earhart who initiated and oversees this project.

As we transition for Christmas into the New Year, I want to take the time to thank all the students and teachers for the wonderful gift of music during the Christmas season. Each and every program was magnificent, and each shared the Christmas message in a very special way. Mrs. Susan Smith you are awesome. Job well done!

As we begin our New Year, it is a time for reflection and of course making our New Year’s resolutions – a new beginning, a chance to improve ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, an opportunity to make things better. It is so much easier to make our resolutions than to keep them throughout the year. I think we all start with the best of intentions, but as the year progresses, we find that we have fallen short of fulfilling our goals. Sometimes in frustration or disappointment, we mentally cross off a particular resolution that has gone by the wayside and vow to try again to be more successful or maybe better luck next year.

During the school year in chapel and in daily devotions, our students learn that each and every day is a new beginning. Just as we think of the New Year as a clean slate, each day, God gives us a fresh start to become who he would have us be. He knows that we are a work in progress, and he continues to care and love us in spite of our failures and mistakes. He doesn’t give up on us. So this year instead of our pages of New Year’s resolutions, each morning when we wake, remember Matthew 22.