Fox Hill Campus

Please do not use email for urgent communication! If something needs immediate attention, please call the school at (757) 851-6292. Email communication during the school year will be returned within 48 hours, except in special circumstances (for example, Christmas break).  


Linda Robinson - Principal

Pastor Phyllis Milton - Associate Pastor

Jeanene Nolte - Child Care Director

Donna Scherrer - Child Care Program Director

Joyce Casavant - Financial Coordinator

Angie Phillips - Student Billing

Office Staff

Charlene Hockenberry - School Secretary

Lisa Pfahl - Operations Coordinator

Classroom Teachers

Sherry Elberfeld - Two Year Olds

Tosha Coleman - Two Year Olds

Liz Cullipher - Two Year Olds

Brandy Roggenstein - Two Year Olds

Debra Waldmiller - Two Year Old Transition

Janet Cole - Preschool

Reanna Fladger - Preschool

Cheryl Smith - Preschool

Kim Hansen - Prekindergarten

Sharon Bennett - Prekindergarten

Donna Scherrer - Prekindergarten

Hannah Godwin - Prekindergarten

Jessica Griffin - Prekindergarten

Hannah Feild - Kindergarten

Sheri Yarrington - Kindergarten

Resource Teachers

Mary Beth Mace - Art

Lindsey LaRoche - Physical Education

Anna Mary Vogt - Science Lab

Dianne Jarjoura - Library

Luis Conklin - Computers

Susan Smith - Music

Vanessa Vaught - Spanish