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Bus Transportation

Transportation by bus is available only on days that school is in session. Gloria Dei is able to provide bus transportation to most of the areas we are servicing. Parents need to check with the transportation coordinator if any students are making changes to their regular bus route (riding a different bus to a friend's home, riding a bus on a occasional basis, a student not riding a bus on a particular day, or if a child is ill and won't be riding the bus to school on a given day). Information regarding bus transportation is available at the school at the beginning of each school year.

Parent Pick-Up

Fox Hill Campus
All parents, guardians, or other visitors must use the main entrance when entering or exiting the building to pick-up students. All other building doors are secured and locked at all times. Please do not leave cars parked in the Fire Lane when you walk in to pick up your child from school. Park in the first available spot, and then use the sidewalks to pick-up your child from school.

Willow Oaks Campus
Students will not be allowed to meet their parents in the parking lot. Parents may enter their students' building and wait at the designated area until the 2:50 p.m. bell.  In order to keep the hallways clear, parents will not be allowed to wait by the classrooms in building B, instead please wait in the hallway by the kitchen until the 2:50 bell rings. 


At 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (half-day and full-day dismissal times), we have an established carpool procedure. Once you have submitted the necessary forms, a car pool number will be assigned to the parent and child. Please do not use cell phones while in the carpool line. You must display your car pool number in the passenger side front window of your vehicle while using the carpool system! All carpool service will be at the Fox Hill campus. Students from the Willow Oaks campus will be bused to the Fox Hill campus for carpool. All students must be properly buckled in with seat belts or car seats before driving from the carpool line. Car pool pick-up runs for 15 minutes after carpool begins. Please do not come too early as it creates extra traffic congestion in our lot. Carpool pickup will be at the rear school door and will exit onto Bromley Street.